Introducing the Riverbug

The good old inner tube was our inspiration. As the most basic form of water toy, inner tubes have been used for nearly 100 years. Now the Riverbug takes the inner tube to a higher stage of evolution.


Hurunui - Group if bugs going down river
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Over the years there have been many attempts to improve the basic inner tube. Most are specialist products such as float tubes for fishing, pool tubes, and water-ski tubes.


With the Riverbug, Wildwater Designs set out to design a river tube that is capable of running harder river rapids. The result is a whole generation of general purpose high-tech tubes that are both sleek and sturdy.

Comparing an inner tube to a Riverbug is like comparing a Model T Ford to a Lamborghini. Improvements are:

  • easier and faster to propel, with much more control;
  • easier to climb into and out of on the water;
  • as comfortable as an armchair;
  • can carry gear;
  • surfs on waves;

In the 10 years since the first prototypes, Riverbugs have been used extensively on New Zealand (and Scottish) rivers both commercially and privately, in pool games, and on family holidays. Fins (flippers) have been adopted as essential equipment.

Visit the Riverbug page to see photos and videos of the Riverbug in action. Dive in and check out what Riverbugs have to offer.